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Mortgage Broker for every Life Stage

MORTGAGE BROKER Pottsville, Coolangatta, Tweed, Kingscliff


Found that perfect property? Need a new home loan? Time to get in control of your debts? Refinance to a lower interest rate.


Let a Mortgage Broker do all the hard work for you!


There are many times during a persons life that a loan may be required, getting the right home loan in place from an experienced mortgage broker can take the hassle out of your home loan search.


Green tick_oaktreeFirst Home Buyers

Green tick_oaktreeUpsizing your Family Home 

Green tick_oaktreeInvestment Properties

Green tick_oaktreeDownsizing your Home 

Green tick_oaktreeBuying Property in Super 


With Mortgage Brokers helping clients through all stages of their life, whether you are;

● Buying your first home, need help with the first home owner grant

● Buying your first investment property

● Outgrown your family home and looking to upsize

● Need that extra bit of cash for renovations

● Looking for a sea change, tree change or any old change, buying a new home

● Want to downsize your home

● Ready to save some money and refinance your home loans

● Adding to your investment property portfolio

● Building a new home, need a construction home loan?

● Ready to save some money with debt consolidation

● Changed family circumstances, separation, divorce, need a new home loan to help with separation of assets

● Buying property in Super, need a SMSF Home Loan

● Ready to save some money with debt consolidation

● Or maybe its a Personal Loan or Car Loan you are after


Free Consultation: Need a new Home Loan?


Kingscliff New Home Loan Pottsville Mortgage Broker Kingscliff Mortgage Broker Tweed Heads

Effective Mortgage Broking starts with a Debt Management Plan


Our Financial Planners, and Mortgage Brokers work together to get you the best home loan outcome for your personal situation.
Do you have a Debt Management Plan in place? How are you going to pay off your home loan?
It’s one thing to get a home loan, but the most important thing is to make sure you have a plan in place to pay it all off!


A Mortgage Broker:

puts the home loan in place for you.


A Financial Planner:

gives you strategies to help pay that home loan off in the best way possible, dependant on your personal situation. 


With Oak Tree Financial Planning, you can get the best of both worlds… the Debt Management Strategy and the loan that needs to go with it!


You get a Mortgage Broker and a Financial Planner on your ‘A Team’. FOR FREE


Whether you need a home loan, investment loan, personal loan or refinanced loan, we are here to help our local clients in Tweed Heads, Coolangatta, Kingscliff, Pottsville and surrounds.


The best part is, the Mortgage Broker service is free, and Mortgage Broking Clients also get a free Debt Management Plan from a qualified Financial Planner.


Free Consultation


We are all about YOU. We want to make sure you have a home loan in place that is ‘the right fit for your personal situation’ and we are extremely passionate about finding you the right home loan that suits your needs, and not the bank.


Come in, have a chat, let us get to work on finding you the right home loan that meets your needs. We are conveniently located in the heart of Tweed Heads. Servicing Southern Gold Coast and Northern NSW with Mortgage Broker Kingscliff clients, Mortgage Broker Pottsville clients and Mortgage Broker Tweed Coast clients.


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We’ve been partnering with a highly regarded team of local mortgage brokers for 10 years, allowing us to secure the best home loans for our clients and their individual situations. However, unlike the traditional relationship you might have with a mortgage broker, when you use our Mortgage Broking service, you get the added benefit of a Financial Planner as well. We fill in all the gaps and are with you every step of the way, to not only secure the right home loan for you, but to ensure it is set up in the right way too. It could mean the difference between paying off your home loan quicker or retiring early, instead of battling week to week to make ends meet.


Green tick_oaktreeReduce your loan interest rates

Green tick_oaktreeRepay your home loan sooner and

Green tick_oaktreeLive the lifestyle you want now!


We care all about you and your ability to make home loan repayments. As we know all too well, the market can change over time, and changing loan repayments can put a strain on any family. A combination of effective Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking can ensure you are safeguarded for the future no matter what the market throws at you. It is our priority to look after you and your financial wellbeing and this is what makes us different to a regular Mortgage Broker.




Our Debt Management Advice and the Mortgage Broking service is at no cost to you, it’s completely free! Have the right experts working together to achieve your home loan and property goals.




Book FREE Debt & Mortgage Broking Meeting


We help many clients in Kingscliff, Pottsville & Tweed Coast achieve their property dreams, whether it’s a new home, your first investment property, or moving house, having the right home loan in place for your unique personal situation is truly important.


What stage of life are you at?

Stage 1:   First Home Buyer

Stage 2:  Need extra money for Renovations

Stage 3:  Upsizing your Home

Stage 4:  First Investment Property

Stage 5:  Time to Refinance

Stage 6:  Adding to a Property Portfolio

Stage 7:  Moving House

Stage 8:  Buying Property in Super

Stage 9:  Downsizing your Home


No matter what stage of life you are in, when it comes to your new home and properties, we have an experienced panel of local Tweed Coast Mortgage Brokers ready to assist you.


Effective Mortgage Broking starts with a Debt Management Plan


As Financial Planners we understand the importance of having a debt management strategy in place first, before considering loan products.

So when it comes to managing your debts and home loans, we always consider STRATEGY FIRST and LOAN PRODUCTS second.


1. The First Step: Work out your Debt Management Plan

A qualified & licensed Financial Planner will take the time to sit down with you and work out a strategy and a plan for managing your debts including your home loan debt, personal loans, credit card debt, car loans and/or business loans, and show you how you can pay off your loans sooner, and if appropriate, how to use debt to help you grow your wealth successfully.


2. The Second Step: Find the right product.. choosing the loan provider

The next part is easy, choose a product which fits in with your debt management plan. Put simply, arranging the finance with a professional mortgage broker… which means finding YOU the right home loan or refinancing your loan to a better loan provider that meets your needs. We make the whole process simple, so that you don’t have to worry about it.


We make things easy for you, we’ll work out your debt management plan and then arrange the finance to help you achieve it!


Want to buy property? Ready for your next home purchase?


Have a local experienced Financial Planner & professional Mortgage Broker on your team, to get YOU the best home loans for your circumstances.


Whether you are a first time home buyer, upgrading your home, a property investor or finding that perfect retirement home, we are here to help you find the best loan that suits your needs… & best of all, it’s FREE! Come in for a chat and achieve your property goals with the right home loan.


Book a FREE 1-hour consultation




With access to over 30 different lenders to choose from, let a mortgage broker help find a loan product that’s right for you.

Whether you are an existing home owner, a first home buyer or a seasoned property investor, we can help find the right loan product for you and your family.

Specialising in;

Property Investment Loans

Home Loans


Debt Consolidation

SMSF Property Lending


We’ll help organise all the paperwork for you so that you get a loan product that’s right for your debt management plan.


Contact us to learn which home loan and debt management strategies are right for you. Need to refinance? see how much you can save, get a financial plan in place to repay your home loan and debts quicker, and start using all those monies wasted on bank interest to enjoy more of life!


Whether you are looking to borrow money to purchase property investments, or want to refinance your existing home loan, we can help you find the right loan to suit your needs. We are proud to offer a free 1 hour consultation to discuss your debt management needs.


Get Started.. Refinance your Loan


We offer a free consultation to discuss your debt management needs and our partnered mortgage brokers will even review and/or process your new loans for free. Let us make repaying your debts a reality and let’s get that home loan repaid faster!



Looking for a local mortgage broker to assist with your next home loan and property purchase?


What can a Mortgage Broker do for you?

  1. Compare over 30 different lenders to get the best deal for you.
  2. Save you time and frustration, let the mortgage broker do all the paperwork.
  3. Find a home loan interest rate that’s right for you.
  4. Get pre approval for your home loan so you know how much money you can spend on your home.
  5. Compare home loan rates and features of different types of home loan products.
  6. Work out your home loan borrowing capacity, how much money can you borrow comfortably and what will your repayments be?
  7. Be with you each step of the way, throughout the whole home loan process from pre approval to property settlement.


Ready for a new Home Loan.. Get started



We help our clients with their debt management needs in every stage of their life. With Mortgage Brokers working hard to find our Kingscliff, Pottsville and Tweed Coast clients the best home loan to suit their personal situation, no matter what stage of life they are in. Newly married, first home, outgrown your home and time to upsize, buying investment properties, downsizing your home, separation and splitting property assets, need that extra money for a new car, home renovations and/or holiday?  A Mortgage Broker helping you, in every lifestage, learn more …



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We proudly service the following Tweed Coast and Gold Coast areas and surrounds;

● Coolangatta
● Tweed Heads
● Kingscliff
● Pottsville
● Tugun
● Bilambil
● Banora Point
● Terranora
● Elanora


Oak Tree Financial Planning does not provide credit advice. Mortgage broking services are by external providers.


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