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Advice for Business Owners

We provide:

  • Business Advice 
  • Wealth Protection for Businesses



We help business owners manage their cash flow, repay debts, manage tax and ultimately put in place strategies and structure finances in the best way possible to help grow and protect their businesses.


Do you find that you are so caught up in the day to day management of your business that you don’t have time to consider your finances and have no time for you, or your family?

We can help relieve that pressure valve. Give you more time. Running a business is hard work, especially in the beginning… or in times of business change…  get your business plan right from the start so that you can live the life you want. Isn’t that why you created a business in the first place, so you can work in a job you love! so that you could have more flexibility, more money and the better lifestyle that the business provides?


Are you passionate about growing your business and just don’t have enough time in the day? We can help take care of your business and personal finances, so that you can concentrate on the main core of your business, and have more ‘you time’ and family time.


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So your business is pumping away nicely, hopefully you have the right business structures and finances in place. Now it’s time to decide what you do with the money once it’s in your hands. Build wealth within the business, or build personal wealth.. which one is right for you?


An Oak Tree Financial Planner can sit down with you and look at your entire picture, encompassing your entire business and personal wealth situation, looking at all elements of your financial life to ensure you have the best strategies in place which create, grow, manage and protect your business and personal wealth.


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‘Protecting your Business’ is EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT as having a Financial Plan that ‘Grows your Business’.


Wealth Protection for your business is important as there is no point having a Financial Plan in place if you can’t continue operating your business & maintain your financial wellbeing in the unexpected event of death, sickness, illness or injury.


Don’t let an unexpected event in your life unravel the wealth and growth you have accumulated in your business and worked so hard for.


Do you have a plan for the unexpected? 

Can your business continue to generate revenue without you?

Do you have key people in your business whom are needed to make your business function?

Does your business have debt?

Can your business continue to function, generate revenue & repay debts and expenses without you or a key person?

What will happen to your business if you or a key person die, become ill or are injured and are unable to work?

Who will pay the business expenses? Who will keep the business running?

Who will look after your family?

Can your family continue the life they have, or will they financially suffer?

Who will provide for your family and loved ones, if your business can’t function anymore?

If all else fails, do you and your business partners have sufficient money to buy each other out without the need for a loan?


Business Wealth Protection via a combination of insurance policies can help mitigate some of these risks.


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Business insurances provide further wealth protection for business owners beyond personal insurance.

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business, so it’s important to ensure that your hard work and assets will be protected in the unexpected event of death, disability, serious illness or injury.

These types of wealth protection insurances can provide protection for your business so that it can keep running along smoothly if you or key people suffer a serious illness, injury or disability and are unable to work, or upon death. These insurances may help to cover costs such as fixed business costs, loss of revenue, replacing an employee or the transfer of the business. As each type of cover is specific and the level of coverage is dependant on your type of business, it is very important to seek professional advice from a Financial Planner to ensure your business is protected against all these risks.

Types of Wealth Protection Insurance Cover for Businesses can include;

  • Business Expenses Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Buy/Sell Cover

It’s also important to consider Business Succession Planning/Business Continuation Plans and buy/sell agreements.

To find out more, Contact us to discuss your Business Growth & Wealth Protection needs with a Gold Coast Financial Planner.

We provide a FREE 1 hour no obligation consultation to discuss your Business needs.


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