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Invest for Kids

Giving your kids the best financial start in life!


It’s all about building the right foundations and teaching kids healthy financial habits so they have more financial options in the future.

We want so much for our kids and grand kids; lets give them a kick start in life to provide a real financial difference.

Little investments today can have a significant financial impact in their life. The chance to help your kids provide a deposit for their first home, fund their education, buy their first car, pay for a wedding or even experience travelling the world.

Starting a small investment for your children today can help you teach them about money.


Children learn money habits from their parents, teach them good money habits and set your kids up for financial success.


Investing for children is easy, the hardest part is making the decision to start! and then the next hardest challenge is being disciplined enough so that you can resist the urge to go digging into your children’s investment accounts and savings. A Financial Planner can help you set up an investment account and stay on track.

You can start your children’s investment with a large lump sum or as little as $3.50 a day, that’s less than the cost of your cup of coffee or only a portion of your child’s weekly pocket money. All sensible investments require time to grow (with compound interest), the beauty is… children have time… and plenty of it! So starting an investment account for your children now, just makes sense! By the time they are 21, they’ll have a nice healthy investment balance to kick start their adult financial life. What’s more, during this time, you will be teaching your children about healthy money habits, to help them become more money smart now and turn them into savvy money wise adults.

If you want to learn more about teaching your children good money habits, speak to an Oak Tree Financial Planner. We’ve made it easy to get started, with our Invest for KIDS program.


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 Invest Kids

Here’s How It Works:

Set up an Account

We set up an investment account. It’s a simple process and we are here to help you complete the account form.

Link Bank Account

Link your bank account to the new investment account and start depositing a regular cash transfer from as little as $3.50 per day ($25 per week) or start by investing a lump sum (it’s your choice). Your money will start earning interest income, and once this balance reaches $1,000 we’ll invest it into the investments that you choose (don’t worry we’ll help you).

Choose your Investments

We work with you, to decide which investments you would like. Have the freedom to choose from a range of investment options including Cash, Term Deposits, Managed Funds and/or direct share investments.

Your own Financial Planner

You’ll have a dedicated Financial Planner to help you set up your investment account. We are also here to help you, and to make the entire investing process easy for you.

So what does it cost?

Invest as little as $25 per week ($3.50 a day) and it will cost you:

NIL application fees.

For account balances under $1,000: NIL fees apply;

  • Nil account keeping fees
  • Nil investment fees
  • Nil Financial Planner fees

For account balances over $1,000:

  • Account keeping fees ranging from 0% to 0.50% p.a. of your account balance
  • $15 per month Financial Planner fee^
  • There may also be Investment fees dependent upon chosen investments*

Have more money to invest?

That’s great, starting with a larger lump sum and making higher regular investment contributions will help accelerate the wealth building process for your children.  We can offer a large range of investment options and strategies that can be matched to your needs. Contact us to tailor an investment portfolio for your family.

What next?

Contact us to register your interest in

Invest Kids

and we’ll get you started.


Speak to a Financial Adviser


If your school, preschool, or day care would like to participate in our Invest for KIDS program, please contact us to find out more.

^ Flat fee for account balances up to $5,000. Please contact us for account balances over $5,000 as different fees apply. * Managed Funds: Fund Managers charge fees internally (MER) for their managed funds. Shares: Brokerage applies for trading direct shares. The level of brokerage and MER fees will depend on the investments chosen.


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